Kristal Clear

An internet celebrity and “selfie queen” is reunited with her estranged identical twin after she wakes up to discover she’s invisible.

Digital Series, 2018
on Prime Video Canada/US,
France TV Slash (French-speaking Europe and Africa)

Starring Melanie Leishman, Samantha WanEmmanuel KabongoAlexandre Côté and featuring the Sorry Girls

Creator/Writer/Executive Producer: Amanda Fahey
Producer: Shannon Fewster
Director/Producer: Joshua Demers
Executive Producer: Davin Lengyel


  • Hollyweb (Los Angeles, USA) Winner:
    Best Series, Best Actress in a Comedy (Melanie Leishman)
  • New York Television Festival Official Selection (NYC, USA):
    Independent Pilot Competition (one of two Canadian projects selected)
  • International Academy of Web Television (Los Angeles, USA) Winner: Best Visual Effects
  • Stareable Web Fest Nominee (NYC, USA): Best Comedy, Best Actress (Melanie Leishman)
  • TO Web Fest Nominee (Toronto, Canada): Best Visual Effects
  • New Media Film Festival Nominee (Los Angeles, USA): Best Pilot
  • Raindance Film Festival Official Selection (London, UK)
  • New Jersey Web Fest Nominee: Best Premise, Best Actress in a Comedy (Melanie Leishman), Best Guest Star (The Sorry Girls), Best Cinematography, Best Visual Effects, Michael J. Ajakwe ‘Don’t Wait Create’ Award
  • Asia Web Awards Nominee: Best Sketch Comedy
  • Canadian Cinema Editors Nominee: Best Editing in Web Based Series
    (Ep. 107: Only with the Heart)